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Heaven in Hell - A Trip to Hell by Peter Taylor 9 April 2004

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The Conservation Reception office is about 800meters further on and we stopped there to book in and when we were finished the Syncro spluttered and missed for quite a while before it eventually started. It was fine after that and then we still had about 4 kilometers to go to get to “Oom Hannes se Huis”

We had the most amazing time there. Braaing, potjie-ing, walking, relaxing and partying. When we left and booked out we first had to go up to the oven where Zanie had just put the bread in the oven. There were quite a few people there and this is obviously the happening of the day. His wife mans the reception while he is busy with the bread and then everybody is offered coffee and tea.

We bid everyone farewell and started the long trek up and out of the valley. I would like to return to spend more time exploring the valley and to read and investigate the notices and their buildings. There is an incredible amount of interesting history there.

The river crossing was uneventful, as the level had dropped a bit, but it is still quite a river and much better during daylight hours.

When we got to the turn-off to The Hell we went right and Philip went left. He had to drop Almarie at Laingsberg to catch a bus back to Bloemfontein. They had a braai before the bus came and then spent the night there before heading home the next day.

We enjoyed the rest of the pass and the beautiful views along the way. At the bottom of the pass, we turned right just before the Cango Caves and went through the most amazing area on a back road to Calitzdorp.

At Calitzdorp, the Port capital, we met Marius’ parents from Mossel Bay who had taken a drive through to drop off some stuff for him. Him being whom we fetch from the airport on Friday morning together with Cecile.

From there we headed home to Wellington and the Vaalies flew back to Gauteng the next morning.

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This trip report was compiled by:
Peter Taylor
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